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New K-Tek Stingray Utility Hip Pack 45401(1).jpg

Új K-Tek Stingray segédprogramcsomag


New K-Tek Stingray Utility Hip Pack 45401(1).jpg

K-Tek introduces the industry’s first hip pack designed by and for Sound Utility and Boom Operators. The Stingray Utility Hip Pack provides 2 spacious compartments, one with a built-in organizer, and offers places to hold equipment, accessories, tools, a mobile phone and what ever is needed to be close at hand and easy to find.

Comfortable to handle, with a unique soft corner curved design, this versatile carrier is equally useful on-set and off. Its adjustable wide fabric waistband and padded exterior lets it be worn in a number of ways: holster style with the stay-in-place resizable and removable thigh-strap, as a fanny-pack, or even cross shoulder.

Két részből áll, amelyek könnyen hozzáférhetőek. A fő rekesz 10 ”x 10” x 3 / 25 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm, míg az elülső rekesz széles 7 ”x8.5” / 18 cm x 35 cm. Mindegyikben puha narancssárga bélés van, melynek finoman részletes előnyei vannak, mint például a velúr és a hálós zsebek, a nézetre kerülő vinilszövetű hálórész és a rugalmasított szövetzacskók. Az egyszerű megragadható cipzár fülektől a rugalmas szerszám-szervezőhöz, hogy a munkába álljon.

An everyday piece of work-wear, the black KSUHP1 is large enough to fit a Hangeszközök MixPro-3 or MixPre-6 for stealth recording. Small elastic pouches within are sized to fit Stingray KSLP1 Lav pouches, and a host of handy goods like cables, adapters, tape, pens, and cleaning kits. The sound department is just the start: the Utility Hip Pack can facilitate various roles in other on-set departments like lighting, grip, camera, make-up, still photography and script.

The Stingray Utility Hip Pack weighs just 14 ounces/390 grams. Priced at $123.50, it is available online or from K-Tek dealers.

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A K-Tekről

Since its founding in 1996 by Manfred N Klemme, K-Tek has supported the audio world with innovative tools to make the sound engineer and boom operator’s jobs a bit smoother. With a passion for audio, Manfred’s first mission was to design and manufacture a line of U.S. made boom poles that were lightweight, strong and so audio friendly that folks took notice. Mission accomplished: in 1999 K-Tek won a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Klassic Boom Pole. Since then, K-Tek has earned many other awards and the reputation of making elegantly designed and beautifully constructed, audio-centric products including: Klassic & Avalon graphite and aluminum boom poles, shock mounts, Shark Antenna mount and Fuzzy & Topper windscreens. K-Tek’s growing Stingray line includes, Sound mixer bags, Waist Belt, a back-saving Audio Harness, plus accessory bags and pouches and bag accessories. Visit:


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